Radio towers to get overhaul

Written by La Prensa

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Patrolling the 270,000 acres of the Parque Nacional Coiba (PNC) isn't easy, but under a proposed management plan being prepared by the government, that job could get less difficult.

According to the plan, the government plans to use a $10,000 grant from the group Conservation International to refurbish radio communication towers in the park.

Those towers, which stand on top of the 416-meter-high Cerro La Torre , were built by the American military during World War II, explained Edgar Araúz, of the Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente (Anam).

"Anam currently does not have the communication infrastructure to cover the park," Asaúz said.

The refurbished radio towers will greatly enhance the ability of the park rangers to communicate with each other, as well as personnel in nearby Santiago.

It is also expected to help them track boats that may be fishing illegally in the park or smuggling contraband.

The money will be used to upgrade the equipment at the stations and to refurbish the buildings. The materials for the project have already been ordered, and bad weather is the only reason why work hasn't started already.